Monitoring for Cronjobs, Applications and Websites

Since I own multiple web services and websites, I checked the availability of these services with different existing web tools. At some point I started to exceed the number of checks that you could use for free and would have had to switch to a paid plan. Since all my web services were hobby projects, this was not an option. Instead, I started developing my own service which combines both types of monitoring (cronjobs and websites).

PiDAR was a service that could check cronjobs or applications. For this, the applications have to send a GET request to PiDAR. If a request is not being received for too long there will be an e-mail notification for the user. Websites on the other hand are checked by visiting the website periodically. If PiDAR cannot reach a website during a trial it will again send out an e-mail notification.

Since I have replaced all functionality of PiDAR with Prometheus monitoring, I disabled my public hosting of PiDAR.