Stefan Koch

Stefan Koch


Software Developer (Micardo GmbH)

2020-03 - now
Graz, Austria
(will be extended once I have been working there for a few months)

Development Engineer Software (AVL List GmbH)

2014-10 - 2020-02
Graz, Austria
Development of concept tools mainly in AVL Concerto and C#. Sometimes I also coded in Python, PHP, C, or Matlab - whatever was needed and best suited to get the job done. Most projects consisted of automated measurement data processing, e.g. for car measurement validation, for delivery to the customer or for generation of reports from measurement data.

Entrepreneur (IT services, Stefan Koch)

2008-10 - 2014-08
Programming of individual web applications as a part time freelancer. For some customers I developed complete small websites, for most customers I added functionality to existing platforms.


Master of Science in Computer Science (FernUniversität in Hagen)

2018-10 - now
Remote, Hagen, Germany

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

2011-10 - 2014-09
Karlsruhe, Germany


Optimization of cold start emissions on 4x4 powertrain testbed - a key to RDE emission compliance, 2019

F. Duchi, S. Koch - AVL List GmbH; Dr. D. Buch - AVL Deutschland GmbH
8th International Symposium on Development Methodology

3D contour following for a cylindrical end-effector using capacitive proximity sensors, 2016

S.E. Navarro, S. Koch, B. Hein
IEEE International Workshop on Intelligent Robots and Systems