Stefan Koch - web-developer

Web Developer

I am a German web-developer also working on free community projects. Due to my activity in the web-developer community I was asked to join the team in 2007. There, I worked as a PHP programmer for more than four years.

In my personal environment I mainly use open source software, i.e. I am using Linux as operating system for my PCs and server together with open source software. Moreover, I joined open networks to learn and teach languages. In 2008, I wrote a tutorial on how to use the MVC pattern with PHP which resulted in an MVC-pattern implementation called Trifidus. To spread open source further, I wrote articles for the online news blog from September 2008 until February 2010.

Since October 2008 I have been working with different clients / partners as a freelance web developer. The newest and also currently most important partner is Munich based e-fellows GmbH & Co KG.